This AGT Ventriloquist Is Awesome But Wait Till You Hear Her Sing

Many people had never heard of Darci Lynne Farmer before but when she showed up on America’s Got Talent last season, she quickly became a name that was known worldwide. She has a rather interesting talent and it is one that you may not have ever considered possible before. Quite simply, she is a ventriloquist but she uses that talent in a way that is quite amazing.

Not only does Darci have the ability to speak with her mouth shut, she is able to sing. In fact, her ability to sing without opening her mouth far surpasses what most people are able to do with their mouth open. She was able to amaze the crowd but when she came out with Terry Fator on the show’s finable, it brought the house down. After all, what could be better than a singing duo performing “Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)” and she never opened her mouth.

Recently, her talents were recognized in a rather interesting fashion because she is able to do quite a performance without every having a ventriloquist’s dummy in her hand. After all, her singing voice is amazing and she is more than happy to perform.

This performance took place in a rather interesting venue; Taft Stadium. Darci may only be 12 years old but this girl from Oklahoma is able to wow the crowds when she performs the National Anthem. Just wait until you hear it.

This performance just showed people how talented her singing is but she took it a step further by not having her sidekick with her. It just further showed just how talented this girl is.

During the AGT finale, Darci was able to rack up some 52 million votes and won the show (and the $1 million).

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