Single Mom Brings Home Abandoned Baby Girl Only To Find Out She’s the Biological Sister Of Her Adopted Son

After she divorced in her early 30s, Katie Price decided to begin a brand new chapter in her life. She bought a new home in Colorado, changed careers, and decided to foster a child.

Katie has had struggles with fertility issues but was always interested in adoption.

Before adopting, Katie successfully fostered four children at various times.

However, in 2016, a caseworker informed Katie about a 4-year-old nameless boy who was surrendered at the local hospital.

After she fostered baby Grayson for 12 months, the court officially terminated his birth parent’s rights after no one came forward to claim him. And so, on the day Grayson turned 11-months old, Katie became his legal guardian, but of course, she was always his mother.

Katie absolutely loved being a mom and planned to wait another couple of years before she would bring another child into their home.

But not even a month after adopting Grayson, another caseworker called her regarding a dire situation.

A newborn baby girl had been surrendered at the same hospital and needed someone to take her in.

“I know over the next 10 minutes and subsequent phone calls I made that afternoon, the phrase ‘I know I am crazy, but God is telling me to say ‘YES’ kept coming out of my mouth.”

Hours later, baby Hannah was dropped off at Katie’s house, and the little girl found her forever home with her new mom and older brother.

But, it was when Katie took a closer look at Hannah’s tiny hospital bracelet, that she made a truly stunning connection.

Katie noticed that the birth mother’s first name on the bracelet was the same name the Grayson’s birth mother had given to the hospital.

Now, was this just an odd coincidence?

Though Grayson and Hannah don’t look as though they could be related, Katie had a creeping suspicion that her two newly adopted children were in some way related.

“Grayson is half African American with beautiful darker skin and dark curly hair,” Katie wrote on her blog. “Baby Girl has a pale white skin tone with straight red-blonde hair.”

Katie became so determined to discover the truth that she managed to track down Hannah’s birth mother. The second they met, Katie knew instantly that she was looking at her son’s birth mother as well.

As it turned out, the woman then told Katie that she delivered a baby boy before giving birth to Hannah.

A DNA test later confirmed that Grayson and Hannah are biological half-siblings.

“What if Baby Girl had gone to another family?” Katie asked in her blog post. “We would have never found her or Grayson’s mother. The connection would have never been made!

I could not believe the miracle that had just happened.”

In December 2018, Katie officially adopted Hannah.

“That day I said ‘Yes’ to taking the Baby Girl I felt the strangest feeling ever. I don’t think I had truly until that moment felt an undeniable calling from God.

My brain was telling me to say ‘no’ because it made no sense and was not in my plans, but something inside kept saying you have to say ‘YES’. It is a sheer miracle, once in a lifetime chance… call it what you will, but it is amazing that my children found each other.”

Katie now is hoping to adopt another baby — Grayson and Hannah’s new five-month-old sibling.

Katie is also hoping and praying that she’ll be able to officially add their little brother Jackson to their happy family this year.

“I am constantly taking leaps of faith and building my wings on the way down,” Katie says.

I am sharing my passions and loves along this crazy journey that God has blessed me with.”

You can follow along with Katie’s incredible journey on her Instagram page. And please be sure to share her remarkable story with your friends and family.


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