Bullied Teen Loses 138 Lbs Before Prom Then Everyone Regrets Making Fun Of Her

If you are somebody who enjoys being inspired, you probably enjoy a good story about somebody who turns their life around, loses weight and makes all of the changes necessary for a happier life. That is what happened with this 16-year-old girl. She was bullied because of her weight and decided that she would swap out her unhealthy lifestyle for something that was a lot healthier.

Josephine Desgrand was almost 280 pounds at her heaviest. She was bullied because of her weight and people would make fun of her relentlessly. This teenager, from Queensland, Australia, saw the numbers on the scale and decided that she would do something about it. She knew that action must be taken before it was too late to actually do anything about it.

Josephine gave herself some motivation in the form of a promise. She said that she would fit into the perfect prom dress.

Incidentally, the transformation is incredible and she was able to fit into the prom dress.

Josephine was only 16 years old when she decided it was time to lose weight. She noticed that she was being affected both mentally and physically and was so out of shape that she couldn’t exercise. She also had a lot of doubts and uncertainties because the other school kids were bullying her. She didn’t want to be defined by her weight so she decided she would lose the weight and live healthier.

She wanted to lose the weight on her own terms and she did not want to go through surgery.

Josephine is no stranger when it comes to trying to lose weight. She had difficulty committing long-term to any weight loss program so she was never able to see real progress. The prom was two years away but she knew it was time to make her stand now.

Two years later and she was down by 138 pounds.

The incredible transformation is easy to see in these pictures. It is difficult to even recognize her but one thing is certain, her smile is completely recognizable.

During the two-year weight loss journey, she inspired many others by dedicating herself and sticking to a healthier lifestyle. She also has 80,000 followers on Instagram and has become quite a celebrity.

“I stuck to a low carb, no sugar diet for TWO WHOLE years,” she wrote on Instagram. “I began to eat natural sugars about six months into my journey. In the first 12 months I lost 63kgs. I do not see this as a diet to lose weight, I see this as my new lifestyle change.”

There were some challenges along the way but she stuck with it. She hopes that her example helps others.

“In these two years I have faced some very difficult challenges but I have chosen to pick myself up and keep moving. Everybody has bad days, never let a stumble be the end of your journey.”

Her before and after pictures are incredible.

Josephine also helps others by giving advice if they are interested in doing what she did. She talks about her daily exercise routine and nutrition. She even came up with a meal plan that she shares with her followers and answers any questions.

“Health isn’t just about what you’re eating and drinking. It’s also about what you’re thinking and saying. Make your mental health a priority,” she advises. “Self-care is how you take your power back!”

When prom night came, Josephine looked fantastic. Her two years of hard work had finally paid off and she chose a beautiful red dress for prom night. It’s going to put you in mind of Jessica Rabbit but it should really remind you of her confidence.

If Josephine was able to do it, you can do it as well. Be inspired by her example and know that there is nothing that you can’t do.