The John Lewis’ Christmas Advert For Christmas Is Out And It Features The Monster Under The Bed

Most of us look forward to Christmas with keen anticipation. After all, there is something nice about all of the decorations, the music and the nostalgia of it all. There is also something else that we look forward to every year and that is the Christmas advert from John Lewis. In fact, it really isn’t Christmas for many of us until this ad hits the airways.

In 2017, John Lewis’ does an amazing job of having us pull out our hankies and it all revolves around the nightime adventures of a little boy named Joe. He is a 7 year old kid and in this two minute commercial, he is kept awake by a snoring monster under his bed named Moz. Many of us can probably relate because we may have also had our own monster when we were kids.

This ad is one of the most anticipated events of the holiday season and for many of us, it signals the time when we need to get busy with our Christmas duities. When you see the advert this year with the 7 foot monster named Moz, it will instantly put you in the Christmas spirit.

In this year’s celebrated advert, little Joe strikes up a friendship with a 7 foot monster named Moz. This is the monster under his bed and it really hits all the feels. It is now out and being shown.

The advert follows this young lad as he is fearful of Moz until the night that he hears a farting noise under his bed. After that, they strike up the greatest frienship but their nightime romps are just too much for Joe, who can’t keep awake during the day.

Joe even falls asleep at the goal post at school

After getting a present under the tree, Joe can make his imaginary friend disappear anytime he wants with the flick of a switch

This ad was filmed over 11 months in West London. Michel Gondry directed the clip, saying “When I told my ex-girlfriend I was doing the next John Lewis Christmas film she said ‘You have big shoes to fill, this John Lewis commercial must make people cry, don’t forget.’ Last week I showed it to her and she cried. Phew.”

Ethan and Tobias, who are identcal twins share the role of Joe and Moz from Sesame Street appears as the monster. They used 2 actors in the suit rather than CGI

This is going to bring about a frenzy of sales of cuddly toys, night lights that put stars on the ceiling and slippers.

Every year, we look forward to this commercial and the wait really paid off this year.

This just might be the best advert of all time. Christmas just got a little cuter.

As they say, all’s well that ends well and this advert will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling.

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