His Debit Card Fails When He Got $110 Of Petrol. A Stranger Then Asks Him A Most Unusual Question


We have all probably been in the situation where something just doesn’t work as it should. This is especially true when it comes to electronics, as they don’t always fire on all cylinders. Sometimes, it can be a very frustrating situation but there are times when even this black cloud may have a silver lining. That is what you are about to discover.

We often hear about bad news in the world but the fact of the matter is, good news happens all of the time. It may not sell as much so it doesn’t make the headlines, but it can really lift us up when we are feeling down. When we look closely enough, we begin to see that acts of random kindness and selflessness are commonplace. This is one of those examples.

It began when a man switched bank accounts and forgot to bring his new card from home. He had fueled up at the petrol station and was ready to pay when the realization hit him. “Last night I had transferred all my money into a new bank account, which once I got to the register I realised I didn’t have my new bank card on me”.

“I tried using one that had a joint account to it but I could not for the life of me remember my PIN number! After searching through my iPhone bank app to figure out how to reset my pin I had failed. My dog was barking wildly, I had to get to work, and I was starting to freak.”


I’m sure that we have all been there at some point but perhaps not to this extent. We can only imagine what was going on through his mind.

At that point, he heard the voice of a stranger behind him who said, “Do you need some money?” The man stepped forward and swiped his card to pay his bill. Tyson was shocked and he offered to pay the man back. That kind stranger took his receipt, wrote on the back to handed it back to Tyson. They took a picture together and then the man walked out of the station.

When Tyson looked at his receipt, he couldn’t believe what it said. It simply read: “John, pass it on.”

Tyson was so impressed by what this stranger did that he went to Facebook to tell it to the world. He ended his post with this advice, “please be beautiful people, and remembers it’s not about keeping up with the Joneses, having the biggest house, most expensive car, the largest bank account, but work with each other. After all, what is money compared to the quality of human life?”

H/T: Liftable

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