Granddaughter Asks All Four of Her Grandmas to Be Flower Girls at Her Wedding

In 2019, when Tanner and Lyndsey were planning their wedding, they wished for a date in September. They also wanted to find a special way to make their grandparents a big part of their ceremony, not just passive guests looking on. The couple had been to many weddings before, and it was rare ever to see any grandparents in attendance. So for their big day, they wanted it to be different. They wished to honor their four living grandparents.

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While going over bridal ideas, the bride discovered how another couple included the bride’s grandparents in a very special way. It was the inspiration Lyndsey needed. The bride then asked all four of grandmothers, her grandmas and Tanner’s grandmas, to serve as her bridal party’s flower girls. While this is traditionally a job reserved for small cousins and young family members, there was no rule saying grandmas couldn’t do it!

The result was a heartwarming scene showing the four ladies walking down the aisle while smiling, waving at guests, and throwing handfuls of white pedals. Wedding photographer Natalie Caho was on hand to capture the incredible scene when the ladies began their journey down the aisle wearing matching blue dressings with stylish matching white handbags.

When she posted the pics to social media, she wrote in the caption:

“I’ve seen a lot of cute flower girls in my day…. but these four gals take the cake.”

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The internet was immediately charmed by these five women. Viewers watched as the grandmothers tossed their flowers with glee while walking down the aisle in style. Everyone was impressed and delighted by their performance, including the bride and groom, who were beaming from ear to ear!

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It was clear they had made the right choice.

Caho soon posted an update after the story went viral, writing:

“Today my inbox was flooded with press I never dreamed of speaking with but they caught wind of the cuteness from @lyndseygrantraby’s wedding involving FOUR of her grandmothers as flower girls.”

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The photographer continued advising any bride-to-be not to be afraid to take risks at their wedding. She wrote:

“If you’re on the fence about having something outside the ordinary at your wedding just do it! Especially if it means something as sweet as this did to you and your family.”

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It’s certainly clear that Lyndsay and Tanner were very happy with how things turned on as they were able to create some priceless memories on a special day.

You can also watch a news report about this charming story in the video below.

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