High School Students Put Together A Powered Wheelchair For Two-year-old Who Couldn’t Walk

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you think of teenagers? Many of us don’t think about somebody who has a lot of get up and go and sometimes, we just think about someone who is focused on their personal lives. The good news is, this isn’t always the case and although it may be true from time to time, there are teenagers out there who are willing to go above and beyond when it comes to helping others.

This was seen clearly in the case of Cillian Jackson. He is a two-year-old boy that has a genetic condition and it makes it difficult for him to control his body. He lives in Minnesota with his parents and unfortunately, he has difficulty getting around. A power wheelchair was not within the family budget and due to his age, insurance would not cover it.

That is when the little boy’s dad went to the robotics team at his former high school. Those students were up to the challenge.

They use plans from Go Baby Go and modified a toy car that was for a toddler with controls that would fit this little boy perfectly. Cillian was the perfect motivation for them to come up with a solution for this robotics challenge and they helped a member of the community at the same time.

The toy was absolutely perfect for Cillian and he fell in love with it immediately. It allows him to fulfill his curiosity and explore the world on his own terms. He even went to school with his new wheels, showing off his skills for those who built the car for him.

The robotics students showed their enthusiasm and willingness to help out a member of the community. If we look for it, there’s a way all of us can help sometimes.