5 Million People Have Stopped Their Day To Watch This 10-Year-Old Girl Get The Golden Buzzer

You may never have heard of Emanne Beasha before but more than likely, she is going to be a household name at some point in the future. Even though she is only 10 years old, the Jordanian girl living in Florida did something that very few other people were able to do. She managed to get on the stage for the Judges Cut portion of the America’s got talent show. She decided to do an opera solo, Caruso, and even admitted it was the hardest song she ever performed.

When she actually started singing, however, people began to realize that they were seeing history in the making. At only 10 years old, she has a very mature voice and the crowd was absolutely stunned with what she was doing. To her credit, the judges were also stunned and they knew that it wouldn’t be long before she would be singing opera on the big stage.

Jay Leno, the guest judge for the show was on hand and he knew that he was seeing something special. Before he came on the show he had admitted that he was nervous about judging the talent of other people. He said: “So when they asked me to do ‘AGT,’ I thought, ‘Oh that would be fun!’. I worried a bit, how I would handle it if an act wasn’t very good, what would I say?”

It wasn’t long before his nervousness melted away and he was easily able to see her singing talent. He then made a decision that was going to change the course of her life from that point forward.

“I feel at some point of my career, people will say, ‘What do you remember most?’” Leno said to Emanne, who stood on the stage after her performance. “I remember hitting the golden buzzer.”

When he hit the golden buzzer, it took her directly to the live finals of the competition.

Leno continued to talk about the young star after the show. He said: “Emanne was amazing. It’s just fascinating to me to see young performers at this point in their careers who are so excited and just relying on their own raw talent.”

This isn’t the first time that Emanne has been on the stage. She won the fifth season of ‘Arabs got talent’ when she was eight years old. Now she is doing her best in the United States.

Even Simon seemed to be caught up in the excitement. “To have a voice like this is not something you can train to get, it genuinely is a gift.”

Emanne went on social media to talk about her audition:

She will be back on the stage for season 14 on August 13

Source: Simple Most

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