New Study Claims Stay-At-Home Moms Should Be Paid More Than $178K Per Year For All They Do

Mothers who stay home to raise their children are few and far between. It is difficult to do so because of the cost of living, especially when you add another mouth to the home. That being said, just because a mother decides to go out to work for a living and help support the family doesn’t mean that everything else around the home is going to automatically get done. Not only do they often bring home the bacon, they are busy raising the kids on their off-hours and caring for the needs of the household.

When a mother decides that she will stay home and raise the children full time, she often feels as if she is not contributing to the household finances. Although she may not be earning a paycheck by being a stay at home mom, that doesn’t mean that her work is any less valuable. In fact, it might be more valuable than you realize. According to, an estimated salary for mothers who raise their children as a stay at home mom is more than most people realize. After all, you have to consider the hours, the work and how much people doing those jobs secularly would be earning.

When moms or dads stay at home to raise the children, the work is hard.

They spend their days cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children. Often, they don’t get the breaks they need and they are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. has calculated how much of a salary a stay at home parent should earn in 2019

They estimate that a stay at home parent should be earning a salary of $178,000 annually. That is based on a 96-hour workweek, which we could all admit is not enough.

Severan example roles and careers were used that were similar to a stay at home parent.

Some of those examples included teacher, judge, nurse, psychologist, and coach.

The salary also includes a raise for parents who stay at home.

In 2018, the salary was estimated to be $162,000. They got a nice 9.6% salary jump.

I just posted my resume.

Source: Diply

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