Teen Invites His Terminally Ill Little Sister To School Dance

Going to a school dance when you were a teenager is something that many children looked forward to. It gave them the opportunity to socialize and to spend some time with friends in an environment that is not necessarily fully structured. The last thing that any of these children would likely want to do is to go with their little sister, but AJ seems to be a person of a different sort. When you understand more about AJ and his family situation, you may understand.

AJ’s little sister, Rebekah has a terminal illness and is suffering greatly. She has had a bone marrow transplant and other treatments but they have all failed. Her 15-year-old brother saw what his little sister was going through so he decided to do something special for her. “She probably won’t be able to experience a dance herself, so I wanted to make sure she did,” AJ said. “I also want to spend as much time with her as I can.”

After the family received the diagnosis, they started to use the motto ‘Broken, brave, blessed’. AJ decided to surprise his little sister so he made a poster that said: “I would be broken if you weren’t my sister because you taught me how to be brave, and I would be blessed if you went to formal with me.”

Many friends and family members showed up to share in the excitement as Rebekah said yes to her brother’s offer. The family continued to be involved when she got ready for the big dance. Her mother, sister and grandmother were there for the occasion. She had her hair and makeup done properly and was even given a tiara.

Rebekah could not hold her excitement as she was preparing to join her brother for the big dance.

“AJ and his friends embraced her and embraced the situation and didn’t blink twice that a little 10-year-old sister was going to hang out with them,” said Stephanie, mother to these sweet siblings. “That for me was the most special thing.”

They had pizza at the family home, took some pictures and got ready to leave. When the moment came, however, Rebekah wasn’t feeling up to going. She had just gotten out of the hospital so the family wasn’t surprised. Although she didn’t get to go, AJ gave her a great evening

“It was all his idea. It really made my mama-heart happy to know that we’ve raised a son that would do something so selfless,” Stephanie proudly explained.

Source: godupdates.com

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