The Voice Of Little Mermaid’s Ursula, Pat Carroll Has Diet At 95

When most of us look back to the movie The Little Mermaid, we think about some of our favorite characters that really fill the screen. They were larger-than-life and for those of us who were children, they continue to be a special part of our lives down to this day.

Unfortunately, we recently lost one of those characters when the voice behind a character passed away. Pat Carroll, who was the voice of Ursula has died at 95 years of age.

As far as Pat Carol’s career is concerned, it really extends far beyond a voice character in a cartoon. She has been on many different sitcoms over the years and it really was fitting that she was able to put the feather in her cap when it came to that Disney movie.

Pat Carroll was struggling with pneumonia when she passed away. Her daughter, Kerry Karsian said that she died at her home in Cape Cod Saturday.

Most of us couldn’t imagine what the movie The Little Mermaid would’ve been like without her as the voice of Ursula. She really brought life to Ursula, but when you look at some of the other things that she’s done in her career, it really is interesting.

Some of the sitcoms that she was in included The Mickey Rooney Show, the Danny Thomas Show, and Busting Loose. That is really only scratching the surface of the shows that she was part of.

She also appeared on numerous talk shows as she was moving through her career and appeared on shows, even if only for one episode. When she showed up on the screen, people absolutely loved the work that she did.

Pat Carroll is survived by her daughters and a granddaughter. May she rest in peace.

Source: NPR