Work from Anywhere with This Cardboard Office

The office desk hasn’t changed much over the past century, although it has seen some improvements from time to time. One of the more recent improvements to the desk is the fact that it is no longer necessary to sit behind it all day long! Just a few short years ago, the standing desk began to become popular and many people enjoy using it down to this day.

The fact of the matter is, standing up at work can have many benefits and we will discuss some of those benefits here. In addition, it can save a considerable amount of workspace and many people, quite frankly, are more comfortable when they stand.


Around the world, standing desks are becoming more and more popular. Some of the better-known areas where standing desks can be found include the White House and even the Australian Prime Minister is reported to have one!

The problem isn’t with standing, it is was sitting. According to numerous studies, prolonged sitting can be very bad for your health. Of course, not everybody is going to agree on the health benefits of standing, but it does seem reasonable that a standing desk would be the way to go.

If you shop around, you will find that standing desks can be rather expensive, but a newcomer to the scene is changing that landscape. Refold is a company based out of New Zealand and for just $250, you can have one of their standing desks at your home or place of business.

The best thing about their desk is not the price, it’s the fact that he is portable, foldable and even recyclable! After all, it is made out of cardboard. If you were to try to find a similar standing desk made out of wood or steel, you could expect to pay four times as much or more…

There are slots in the cardboard, which allow the user to fold it into position. The cardboard itself is 0.2 inches thick, so it is no flimsy piece of material! Once assembled, it can hold up to 187 pounds and it is expected the last up to 3 years. Those factors will differ, depending upon how you use it and how much you use it. It comes in three sizes, 3.28 feet high, 3.45 feet and 3.61 feet.


Do you need to transport or store your desk? No problem! Just fold it down in a matter of minutes and it can easily be transported using a carry case. Since it is made of cardboard, it is very lightweight and its dimensions are exceptionally compact.


Not everybody is ready to take a standing desk and make it their full-time gig. If you would like to take it for a run without giving up your ability to sit down at work, you can try one of the sitting desks available from this company.


Even though Refold is not unique in that they offer a standup desk, they are unique in the type of desk that they offer. Most standup desks work in conjunction with your existing desk and basically, they fit on top of it. This standup desk is quite different!

Although there is a lot of good associated with this type of desk, there may also be some issues associated with it as well. For example, it is not difficult to ruin this desk, especially if you are trying to transport it in the rain or if you spill something on it. You can purchase one with a waterproof top for $300, and the top is also available separately for $90.

Eventually, the desk is going to wear out although it may take a few years to do so. Once that takes place, you can recycle it and get a new one.

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