15 Dangerous Roads That Most People Would Never Drive


If there’s one thing that most of us know, it’s the fact that driving can be somewhat of an adventure. It doesn’t matter if we are in our local area or on a trip, we tend to drive defensively and to watch what other people are going on a regular basis. As it turns out, it is not only other drivers that should concern us, there are times when the road should concern us as well.

These roads may be nice to travel because you will not come across many other vehicles, but there is a reason why that is the case. When you drive on these roads, you will be gripping the steering wheel so hard that your knuckles are going to turn white. You might be surprised that some of them actually exist! These are the top 15 dangerous roads in the world.


Zoji La, India

A 9 km long road that is extremely narrow. You often have to share the road with livestock.

Transfăgărășan, Romania

This road reaches a 2034 m height and is the tallest road in Romania. It has beautiful scenery, but dangerous curves.

Dalton Motorway, Alaska

Considered to be one of the most isolated motorways in the world, it is 666 km long. Three villages are connected by this snowy motorway.

Khardung La, India

At 5602 m tall, it holds the Guinness book for the tallest pass road in the world.

Yungas Road, Bolivia

Up to 300 people die on this road every year. There are steep mountains on one side and a cliff on the other. It makes me ill even thinking about it.

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Several coastal villages are connected by this road. It is ideal for tourists because of the views.

Guoliang Tunnel, China

This road was built by the locals. It was cut into the mountains to connect villages to the outside world.

Le Passage du Gois, France

This road is only passable for a few hours every day. The rest of the day, it is under water. You need to be careful of the schedule or you might just sink.

Tianmen Mountain road, China

There are 99 turns on this 10 km road. There is also a 1000 m difference between the beginning and the end.

Hana, Hawaii

112 km worth of road Takes you to Hana on the island of Maui. There are 59 bridges, including 46 with only one lane.

’Kolima’, Russia

Most people refer to this road as the death road. It was built in 1932 by prisoners.

Col de la Bonette, France

Located in the French Alps, it is on the Italian border. There are some rather treacherous turns.

Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

This 64 mile long road is the tallest in the Alps. Be prepared for some beautiful views.

’Caucasus’ road, Russia

This road is frightening but rather impressive. It is worth driving at least once.

Eshima Ohashi bridge, Japan

This bridge connects two villages in Japan. When you look at it from far back, it seems difficult to navigate.

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