A Movie Theater That Lets You Relax In Double Beds While You Enjoy A Movie

We may all have something that we enjoy in life but perhaps one thing that most of us would agree on is the enjoyment of watching a good movie. It just seems to take you places that you never thought you could go and when it is over, you just wish that it would have continued on and on. Watching those movies while snuggled up in your bed is a real treat and we have that opportunity, thanks to the streaming devices that are connected to TVs throughout our home.

It may be enjoyable to go to a theater but up until this point, there weren’t any beds to enjoy while we were there. It seems as if a Switzerland theater chain is about to fix the problem. Cinémas Pathé opened a brand-new location in Spreitenbach, Aargau and of all things, it includes one of the theaters that is full of beds. Double beds with comfortable headboards and tables on either side make it a real treat for watching the movie. It is the ‘VIP bed’ auditorium and there are only 11 beds, so 22 people can enjoy a movie in style.

You can see the theater for yourself in this Facebook picture:

You will be happy to know that the bedsheets are going to be changed after every movie. “The hygiene aspect is very important,” Venanzio Di Bacco, Pathé Switzerland’s CEO said.

You can expect to pay around $49 Swiss francs ($49 US) per person, which may seem a little pricey but you also get unlimited snacks and soft drinks with that ticket. The theater will also be open 30 minutes before the movie so that you can get the most out of your snack time.

If you don’t see yourself enjoying watching a movie in a theater full of beds, you might also consider the “VIP Lounge”. It is similar but it is full of single size sofas and loveseats so you can stretch out in comfort.

The “VIP IMAX” tickets are also well worth considering. You get balcony seating for around $49 and some additional surcharges that may be included for 3-D screenings.

It may add more to your overall cost, more like $22 and three dollars for the glasses.

I don’t think there are any theaters that offer an option for beds in the United States. Some have some unconventional options, however, including these with vintage furniture and beanbags in Oakland, California.

It must be an idea that is worth considering because there are 2 outdoor cinemas planning tours in North America and they include inflatable air mattresses.

This bed cinema should be traveling to cities, such as Los Angeles, Denver and Toronto. There is more information on their website.

An Australian version, Mov’in Bed may also be coming to the United States. You can see what it has to offer in the post below:

Here is another post from the Instagram account.

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