It Looks Like A Normal Red Storage Container From The Outside But Wait Till You See The Inside!

When many people first start thinking about buying a home, they likely have something specific in mind. Perhaps it is a cottage in the country or maybe they are looking for more of the city home but something that most people probably don’t think about is a storage container. After you see what is on this page, however, it just may be the first thing that you think of.

When it comes to living happily, most people would admit that living within your budget is one of the top priorities. That is what makes a storage container such a perfect solution, because it allows people to live within their budget and it is a home that can be moved from one area to another easily. It may look like a normal red metal storage crate from the outside, but on the inside there is something totally different.


Of course, tiny homes have become more and more popular and many people are interested in downsizing their lifestyles. When you live in a tiny home, it allows you to be more nomadic and to pick up and go wherever you want to go. Consider this possibility when you want to buy a home.

This red storage container looks normal on the outside but wait till you see the inside.

The only thing that really indicates that there something special is the white door and the potted plants.

Look at the storage container at night, it even blends and more.

Now let’s take a look at the inside!

There are gorgeous wood floors, tall ceilings and an open floor plan that will greet you inside.

There is also light wood paneling that helps to open things up as well.

Inside of the storage container, you will find a full bedroom, an awesome living room and a decent sized kitchen.

The kitchen has plenty of storage space, a full-sized oven and refrigerator and a lot of counterspace.

The cabinets are painted a sky blue colour that helps to open the room up even more.

An additional of some bright yellow carpeting adds some colour to the neutral walls and floors. When everything is stored away properly, you will have no clutter.

You can see directly from the kitchen into the bedroom through the living room, which is separated by a wall.

The ceiling lights appear to be skylights, helping to brighten up the tiny home and make it seem like there are additional windows.

The bedroom may not be enormous but there is plenty of room for two people to sleep comfortably.

The lamp and mirror help to make the space feel larger than what it is. The shelf above the bed allows ample room for storing everything from mobile phones to books.

There is even a full-sized bathroom, including a shower, toilet and washer and dryer.

The bathroom is hidden behind a sliding barn door and that adds some appeal to the room on its own.

Would you consider living in a storage container home like this? I think it’s fantastic!

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