Dawn French Talks Abut a ‘Wierd’ Change to Her Body She First Noticed in Her 60s

Suppose there are one thing fans about Dawn French. In that case, it’s how the Vicar of Dibley Star never shies away from being completely open and honest with her fans, whether it’s showing off her new grey hairdo or talking about her recent battle with Covid-19, the the64-year-old comedian has always been more than happy to share.

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However, a recent social media post got fans talking after she revealed: “something weird” she started to notice after entering her 60s.

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On June 16, French posted a photo of her feet on Instagram alongside a caption that read:

“Warning. Something weird happens in your 60s. You wake up one day… and you no longer have ankles. Who nicks them?”

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Fans were quick to sympathize with Dawn, sharing their own personal experiences regarding how their bodies have changed with age.

“I lost my waist in my fifties! Woke up one morning and there was nothing between my ribs and my pelvis,. It went from there to gone. Amazing. Sorry, going to check if I still have ankles,” one fan wrote.

“I’m not even 50 and mine are already gone.”

“At least I can’t see any varicose vein’s like on mine you lucky lady,” wrote another.

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English composer and TV presenter Jools Holland was also able to relate to Dawn’s experience by claiming, “I’ve got them.”

“I’ve bought an ankle chain to define and remind me where they were,” the fan wrote.

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