LEGO Announces The Release Of The New Friends Collection

It’s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since we watched the first episode of Friends. Ever since that moment, we fell in love with the show and it just continued to get better, each and every week. There were so many iconic things about the show that kept us coming back for more, from the way that they joked with each other to the big orange couch at the coffee shop. Now that the show is no longer on the air, we thought we would have to only enjoy it in reruns but there is something new on the horizon.

LEGO is about to bring out the Friends collection, and it’s everything you could imagine it to be. Just in case you are wondering, are not talking about furry little friends that might typically make it into a LEGO collection, we’re talking about a LEGO collection made specifically for the show. The nostalgic collection was unveiled in a mini video, and it shows the entire gang at the Central Perk, sitting on the orange sofa and enjoying some time together.

You will easily be able to recognize the characters, regardless of whether you are looking at them from the front or the back. Can you imagine seeing Phoebe Buffay as a LEGO character? It’s about to happen.

Twitter was buzzing with excitement over the announcement:

One person said:

“What a thing of beauty, that will be on my shelf as soon as physically possible!”

Another added:

“Could I BE any more excited??”

This is also opened up Pandora’s box for other shows to be reenacted in LEGO form. Some of the suggestions include Seinfeld, Scrubs and The Office.

Although those other shows may eventually come out, we know that Friends is just about to hit the shelves. It is also perfect as a LEGO set, and there is plenty to play with.

Friends may have gone off the air in 2004 and there has not yet been the rumored reunion. Many of the cast members are saying they would like to leave it in the past. A reunion would be fantastic but now that we have the LEGO set, it may not be as important.

The new Friends LEGO set will be available at the LEGO store nearest you or through their online store on September 1.

Source: Unilad

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