The Lady And The Tramp ‘Siamese Cat Song’ Is Getting Revamped After Racism Claims

Do you remember watching Lady and the Tramp when you were younger? Most of us could probably sing along with the song, ‘We Are Siamese If You Please’. We loved the song at the time and probably sang it over and over again but most of us were blissfully unaware that some people were uncomfortable with the song. It included taunting behavior by the Siamese cats, Si and Am along with a racist view of the Asian culture.

It may have seemed like harmless fun at the time but people today are now saying that it shaped and molded young minds to think in the wrong way. Many have been speaking out about the situation and now that the live-action version is about to hit the movie theater, it’s nice to know that they are replacing the song for something that is less offensive.

Variety reported that the song will be taken out of the movie and new and improved music will be provided by Grammy award winner, Janelle Monae. She is also going to play the voice of Peg, one of the dog pound dogs. There is even a rumor that the cats are not going to be Siamese in the movie, removing the culture issue altogether.

The movie will be out in theaters and on Disney plus November 12, 2019. It stars Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux.

The new streaming service from Disney, Disney+ is set to launch on the same day. Many people are extremely excited about what is coming.

I think some of the other streaming services may just be in for a rude awakening.

Source: Did You Know Facts