Two Men Interrupt Young Boy On Piano To Request He Play Bohemian Rhapsody

The song “Bohemian Rhapsody” was first performed by the iconic rock band Queen and is a song that has become a timeless, legendary classic over the years. It is an anthem due to its technical complexity, sets very high expectations for anyone who dares to cover the song.

Cole Lam is a young lad who one day dared to play the piano in a busy London station. The 12-year-old pianist is known for playing masterpieces — as well as some popular contemporary songs — in the middle of crowded places such as the London St. Pancras International Station.

He plays not only the piano but also the clarinet and guitar.

This incredibly talented youngster is also a singer, songwriter, and musical composer. At the tender age of 12, he’s already amassed a pretty impressive portfolio for someone who’s yet to hit his teens!

When cole sat at the piano, he was intent on playing “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Everyone around him watched in anticipation of his performance, unsure if the young man could give such legendary song justice.

In fact, just before he began his performance, two men approached the young pianist. They seemed to be confirming that the boy was actually going to play this incredibly tricky song. Little did they know that the child in front of them was no ordinary musician and that they were about to be in for a huge surprise!

From the moment Cole touch the piano keys, you could just tell that the world around him must have disappeared. It was just him and the music, and he was playing like no one was watching. Everyone in attendance was simply blown away by Cole’s intensity and passion, not to mention his world-class skills!

Cole performed with real soul, and every touch of the ivories brought the legendary song to life. He may be young, but he’s simply an incredible musical genius who could definitely give seasoned musicians a run for their money!

As he continued to play, the two men who interrupted him at the start of his performance were now transfixed with awe, like everyone else in the crowd.

It became apparent that Cole had won over the hearts of the people witnessing his talent in that busy London station.

Interestingly, the piano he was playing on that day was a donation from nonother than the legendary pianist and singer Sir. Elton John! There’s no question that Sir John would have been very proud of this young man’s performance had he been there to see it.

As the song came to its conclusion, Cole delivered an absolutely beautiful finale to his amazing impromptu performance.

Cole’s love for music serves as an inspiration to the youth. And his growing list of accomplishments as he continues to reach for his dreams will certainly put him up there with the greats one day.

Check out Cole’s breathtaking performance in the video below, and be sure to share this story with friends and family who love great music.



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