This Cat Sees Sick Animals And Nurses Them Back To Health

If you have a cat in your life, you already realize just how special they can be. They just have a way of wrapping themselves around our heart and they sure can make us smile. Like humans, all cats have their own personalities and in some cases, they can even be larger than life. From time to time, however, we hear about a special cat that really takes us by surprise. That was the case with this feline.
This cat’s name is Radamenes and he is one of those special cats that will amaze you. When you first look at him, you might not think much other than the fact that he is probably someone’s companion. What most people don’t realize is the fact that he happens to have a special power that most people would admire. He isn’t able to see through walls and he can’t fly but if there is a sick animal around, he is the best thing that could have ever happened to them. He has an ability to comfort other animals until they are nursed back to health.

Have you ever been a caretaker for someone who is sick? You probably already realize just how difficult it can be. The time that is necessary to care for a sick person leaves you with very little time for yourself. It isn’t only the time, there are many other reasons why you might be drained during that time, especially emotionally.

Radamenes came to an animal shelter in Poland because he was also near death. He had a severe respiratory infection that had already taken its toll. In fact, the rescuers were not even sure if he was going to make it and it didn’t seem as if the odds were stacked in his favor.

Once he was at the shelter, he was able to make a full recovery. He went against all odds and today, he is a healthy cat. He is using his health for the benefit of other animals as well as you are about to see.

What happens when an animal goes into a shelter? One of the first things they do is to look for a home but that wasn’t the case with this feline. Radamenes was a valuable asset and the shelter realized it. THey just didn’t want him to go home so they made him a permanent part of the shelter.

As it turns out, this amazing cat had a knack for nursing and he does it naturally. When a sick animal arrives at the shelter, he is quick to offer his assistance in providing comfort. It seems as if that is more than something that is just a convenience, it really helps these sick animals to get back to health.

One of the things that Radamenes does is to snuggle in with these sick animals. It really helps them to feel better, not only because of the touch but because he purrs softly as he is doing it.

Have you ever felt poorly and someone you love snuggles with you? It is an incredible feeling and most of us would agree that it is perfect for feeling better. As it turns out, there may be some truth to it because these animals feel better quickly with the help of this amazing cat.

If you have ever had a cat that has a loyal streak, you will understand exactly what this cat is willing to put into his care program. Not only does he stick by their side; he becomes a true friend to those sick animals. It really is an amazing thing to see.

There have been scientific studies that have shown the benefits of touch when it comes to healing. Of course, nobody needed to inform this cat about the benefits, he did this naturally and it is really helping.

As you can see in these pictures, he is a very attentive nurse. He cuddles, hugs and kisses these animals until they recover. At that point, they have someone special beside them.

This cat is producing miracles. He is a valuable part of the shelter and many cats owe he their lives. The best part? He doesn’t want anything in return.

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