Irish Wolfhound Owners Are Posting Hilarious Pictures Of Their Dogs

When it comes to dogs, we know that they come in all types and sizes. Some of them are tiny and can fit in the palm of your hand, others are huge and might even be taller than us when they stand on their hind legs. It really doesn’t matter, however, how big or small a dog is, they are going to have our heart when they are a part of our family.

Most people think about Great Danes when they think about large dogs, and for good reason. They are the largest dog breed and they have a heart as big as their body. Another large dog breed that does not quite get as much press is the Irish Wolfhound. This breed of dog, which has a name that can be translated ‘war dog’ or ‘wolf dog’ is found in literature that goes back over 1000 years.

As far as their size is concerned, they stand at about 32-34 inches tall. When you see one in person, they can be quite a sight, especially if you’ve never seen one before. When you do know the breed, you realize they can be rather goofy as well. Don’t believe me? Check out these 25 pictures:

1. Nobody gets in

2. Wayne’s World

3. Your dog when he realizes you aren’t stopping at the dog park

4. You take the big bed

5. Her beloved dog passed away just a few days after she did

6. Balancing the dogs

7. 1974

8. 2 peas in a pod

9. Dog pieces

10. A whippet puppy with his BFF

11. I love this picture

12. Big boy

13. We all need to feel safe sometimes

14. Mighty big mouth

15. So comfy

16. He wasn’t sure about this

17. They love peanut butter

18. A big dog

19. Time for a nap

20. Just a lap dog

21. Comfortable

22. Needs comfort after thunder

23. Nice place for a kitten to nap

24. Smallest horse in Britain

25. Come and get it