These Shoes Are So Outrageous That You Might Not Believe They Are Real (But They Are)!

There are certain basic needs that we all have in life and they include food, shelter and, of course, clothing. In fact, many of us love having the best of those necessities possible and perhaps one of the ways we show it more than any other is in our love of clothing. For some of us, having the right clothes is more than throwing on a matching outfit in the morning, it is having an abundance of what we need. That is especially true as far as shoes are concerned.
Many people do more than shop for shoes, they obsess over them. There are so many different styles and designs that sometimes, we end up running out of space to store all of the shoes that we have. Of course, there are shoes we think are just too cute to pass up and others that might just make us cringe. The shoes in these pictures are cringe-worthy, to say the least.

As you look down through these pictures of crazy shoes, you might just wonder who would wear them. At the same time, you might also ponder over what the designer was thinking. They are sure to give you a chuckle but even more, they will make you thankful for the sensible shoes you have.

1. Great if you want to jump high

2. In case you want to carry your groceries in your shoes

3. Perfect for a walk on the beach?

4. How did the model not fall and break her neck?

5. Jellyfish sandals perhaps?

6. Got noodles?

7. Perfect for a broken ankle

8. Who would wear this?

9. If you just love your dog too much

10. Mega platform shoes

11. How could you walk in these?

12. This is beyond words

13. Just buy some flip-flops

14. Sweep the leg

15. Got desert?

16. Super awkward

17. This has some possibilities

18. But would you eat it?

19. These have a good bite

20. No thank you

21. True cowboy boots

22. Probably has plenty of grip

23. For the structural engineer

24. Non-functional roller skates maybe?

25. For those who need extra cushion

26. These make my eyes hurt

27. Why; just why?

28. Heavy duty

29. How would you describe these to someone?

30. Floating shoes?

31. What am I seeing?

32. I would seriously fall down.

33. Are you coming or going?

34. When you really love butterflies.

35. Yeah, we all get this one.

36. Walking and mopping

37. Convertible hightops

38. Do you love boxing?

39. Big Bird for your big feet

40. A real hamster?

41. Sheep shoes

42. I’ll pass

43. How festive, or scary. I can’t decide.

44. Ouch

45. I wouldn’t want to fall in these

46. Don’t lean too much

47. Minion shoes?

48. As if feet aren’t gross enough