20 Things To Look Forward To With Menopause

Although many people will tell you it’s a natural part of life and that “the change” is part of being a woman, you know nothing is further from the truth. When you hit menopause, it starts a series of issues that make you feel as if you are going through the wringer.

It doesn’t matter if you are talking about waking up sweating in the middle of the night, putting on a few pounds around the middle or perhaps growing hair on your chin, it is likely to be a time of your life that you dread.

Here are 20 things you can expect to look forward to during menopause.

1. Daytime shows will make you cry


It has to do with the hormones floating around in your body that make you a little crazy.

2. Random hair


During this time of your life, you are likely to find hair in some unexpected places, like your chin!

3. Forget about Sleeping at Night


Insomnia is a regular problem for women during menopause. Everybody else may be sleeping but you’re going to be wide-awake.

4. Chocolate


Many women crave chocolate during this time of their life and it seems as if they can’t get enough

5. Weight Gain


Perhaps it’s the chocolate or perhaps it’s a slower metabolism but in either case, you start gaining weight like crazy.

6. Memory issues


You start to forget even the most basic things, such as where you put your keys. You may even forget your own name!

7. Is Your Mind Gone for Good?


After a while, you begin to wonder if your memory has been lost forever.

8. Breakouts!


Did you think you were done with acne? This is a part of your teenage years you get to relive.

9. No filter


You used to be able to keep your snide comments inside but now, your mouth begins saying them before you realize it.

10. Random swelling


You probably never gave much thought to your ankles, but those days are now gone!

11. Mood swings


You go from perfectly happy to wanting to kill somebody in no time flat.

12. No Touching


They may be trying to comfort you with a hug, but you feel like screaming when they do it!

13. Rude comments


You used to be able to brush things off but now, anytime somebody says something stupid, you blow them out of the water.

14. Insanity is right around the corner


You are likely to feel as if you have lost your mind at some point during this time of your life.

15. Hot flashes


They may have been a myth before you hit menopause but now they are a part of your life!

16. More hot flashes


You honestly feel as if you could sit inside of a refrigerator sometimes!

17. Sweat is your companion


You feel as if you are always sweating during the day and through the night.

18. Water retention


Although you sweat on a regular basis, you somehow still managed to retain some water.

19. Eating and More Eating


Food becomes a way of life for you and replaces everything else you enjoy about life.

20. Anger


Anger is now your constant companion and nobody better get in your way.

H/T: Aunty Acid

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