An Autistic Child Writes A Poem About Autism And The Internet Reacts

There are many different conditions that can affect children but one that is perhaps better known than others is autism. I’m not necessarily saying that everybody understands autism, I’m just saying that it has probably affected someone who you know. It is perhaps the misunderstandings about autism that really helped to define this particular condition. As more people learn about the behaviors and difficulties that are associated with this disorder, the world becomes a better place for them and for those who suffer from it.
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) may be associated with a number of problems, including difficulties with communicating and interacting, a possibility for repetitive behaviors and a number of other symptoms. These symptoms may vary from one individual to another and in some cases, they can be quite severe. Some people have autism and are high-functioning but for others, repetitive behaviors and an inability to speak may affect them on a daily basis and can certainly impact every part of their life. That is perhaps why this poem is so special. It was a poem about autism that was written by an autistic child and it has touched many hearts across the Internet.

Although the three core autism symptoms were described above, there are also many other problems that may be associated with it as well. It could include anxiety disorders, attention and hyperactivity disorders, gastrointestinal problems and it could even affect the immune system. Unfortunately, autism is a lifelong condition but there may be some therapies and interactions that can reduce symptoms and make life better for those who suffer from it.

Benjamin Giroux was only 10 years old when he was given an open-ended assignment for homework by his teacher. He was asked to write a poem. Many children would struggle in this regard but Benjamin decided to use it to educate others about what he deals with on a day-to-day basis. He wanted them to know what he felt as an autistic individual.

Since Benjamin is autistic, he often feels as if he doesn’t quite fit in with his peers. He wants to be treated like everybody else but he realizes that autism is something that makes him feel differently from the other children. It was the differences that he experienced that motivated him to write this poem.

The poem that Benjamin wrote is entitled “I Am.” Throughout the words of this poem, he gives people a peek behind the scenes and lets them know what his life is like. As you can imagine, this poem has affected many people online but it was his father who first read it and was overcome with emotion. As you read down through the poem yourself, you can easily see why that was the case.

Imagine if your child told you that he felt like a boy from outer space? What if he said he felt like a castaway or if you could tell from what he wrote that he just did not fit in. Any parent who read something like this from their child would get choked up immediately. Fortunately, his father didn’t stop there but he wanted to take the special message and share it with the world.

His father, Sonny, said that he was very proud of his son for coming forward and writing such a touching poem. Even though he dealt with him on a day-to-day basis, he still had no idea that his son felt this way. He feels as if he is both proud and heartbroken at the same time and now he has a little bit more insight into how his son felt.

Since the poem was posted online, it has gone viral and continues to circulate. Benjamin’s poem was even highlighted by The National Autism Association and they shared it with all of their followers. It is available for anyone to see and they can get a better understanding of what Benjamin feels as well as what anybody who is suffering from autism feels.

This is a poem that you will want to keep close to your heart. Benjamin wrote it as a school project to get in touch with his peers but he ended up touching the world with his words.

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